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Your height, suitable for what height of the shoes?

No high heels girls are not complete girls. Many girls are high heels are love and hate, wearing high heels at the same time the United States and pain, grinding feet ah, heel too hard and so on people complain incessantly. With the development of the times, high heels also evolved a lot of style, just according to the heel can be divided into fine with, thick with, slope with the cone with hellip ;. But you know their height in the end for nikes on sale what kind of shoes ? What kind of shoes to wear the best look? Do not know everyone for the golden section is not very familiar with? By the world as the most perfect dividing line, and was called ldquo; magic division rdquo; widely used in mathematics, art and the proportion of the human body. Mathemes confirmed that the proportion of gold points will be better to see, more harmonious, so the proportion of the most coordinated body is (leg length + height) / (height + height) asymp; 0.618, quickly picked up the ruler amount of a bar!

Classic crocodile high heels, enchanting durable, no longer have the trouble of hanging feet; small pointed design in the visual help to extend the leg type, so that legs look more slender slender; there are two kinds of patent leather and suede, Meet your different pursuit of beauty. Followed by hollow design atmosphere simple, summer no longer have to worry about grinding the problem; cross-buckle is the trend of this year refers to the simple and not monotonous, better show foot type beauty; multi-color optional, toes also colorful summer. The most able to show temperament and feminine than the pointed shoes. According to the ergonomic design of the toe, give your toes more space, to avoid the folder of the foot of the distress, just right heel height, give you a comfortable foot experience. Dazzling red sexy sexy, restrained silver gray generous knowledge, regardless of that one can reflect your feminine. Pointed design with the most representative of the feminine, heel at the hollow design is not only breathable and remove the trouble of grinding feet, is your best discount nike shoes choice. Fashionable exposed heel design, you can perfectly highlight the legs and legs of the United States; from the beginning of the spring to nike air max women fall can wear a pair of shoes, whether with skirts or pants are slowly feminine, comfortable sheepskin fabric, Even if the summer is breathable not hot.

Rough with the cheap nike air max design of the most suitable for wearing a high-heeled novice, and give you a stable happiness; suede looks very texture, very high-end atmosphere of feeling, lace pearl diamond embellishment gives the feeling of shining at the same time more Add sweet breath, followed by elastic design from the details of the care of your beauty. High heels is a woman's other double face, always with the sexy ankle slender legs linked together. High heels can not only make your height look more coordinated, but also can correct your legs, so you look more beautiful legs!