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Year of the fire boots, so wear both hands can be thin and trendy

From the show to the street, from the star to the blogger, last year, rough with the boots swept the whole fashion industry. Rough with the advantages of a lot of single-style fashionable, comfortable to wear these two points is enough to impress us, then, in the face of many boots brand, style, material, how do we match it? Come and tell you now. After all, many of nike free 5.0 us are not perfect tall and thin long legs, frequent appearing in the street shoot in the star, ladies and bloggers are mostly model body, let us take from their wear to learn some modified legs Recipe. We wear boots in the winter, in order to keep warm is always involuntarily want to put his trousers into the boots mouth. Unless you are a model, this will often make the ankle looks stout, the whole feet also look bulky. So, with the best pants boots is just to the boots, or in the boots above one or two centimeters. Compared with other pants type, straight trousers close to the boots of the trousers makes the pants become more important. Wearing a straight pants most need to remember the pants side and exposed legs of the two golden rules.

Rough with the boots to a certain extent will cover the ankle, and the ankle is often the finest and most sexy part of the leg. If the calf is not perfect enough legs, then wear boots may be significant legs thick. Velvet material will allow the expansion of the legs, and such a soft fabric in the walk is also easy to expose the legs, coupled with light boots to make the lower limb more sense of expansion. High waist pants and the edge of the ankle boots edge of the merger is not the wrong way to wear, but if the pants and ankle nike shoes on sale boots exposed between the length of the legs will be more significant long. We all know that high waist pants can be high, and the boots can stretch the ratio of this point to help, on this basis and then reveal a length of the legs, it will nike air max appear in the visual legs long endless. Compared to the legs can be modified in the pants, rough with the boots will be more feminine skirt. And put on the skirt means that will reveal the entire boots, then more test our skill together. Tight boots or boots socks will wrap the entire ankle, if you are not confident of your nike outlet body, choose wide boots will be in contrast with the calf and create a sense of bone legs. See the following two pictures contrast, is not the second slightly loose boots mouth more legs fine it?