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Why do high heel queen, three centimeters of shoes wearing more elegant

High heels have been women are crazy for a single product, hate days high, although beautiful and tall and straight posture, but everything can not be a step by step, for those who are not good at wearing high heels, women come up to try too high shoes Followed by some unrealistic, so the high-heel queen is not suitable for every girl. Relative to the high-heeled sense of fatigue, the rise of the cat this year, the cat is more comfortable some, and cat heels, refers to the height of the heel in the 3CM to 5CM between the pointed thin shoes. Small and exquisite heel is like a kitten tiptoe look, so only the cat with this unique and lovely name. Comfortable point of view, completely posted and the foot of the design sense, so wear it will not be too tiring. At the same time with the elegant and feminine, even if wearing a whole day will not tired feet, very suitable for pressure road and professional women usually commute to wear. Whether it is retro style or modern fashion sense, cat heel shoes can be perfect Hold live, so now will wear cat heels girl is really fashionable! This summer is not a pair of low heels on the out friends, pointed toe, to heel, thin trip with the total feeling reveals a few silk sexy, this is elegant apricot, wear more gentle temperament, Can be very fashionable.

Shoes, shoes is very simple, simple nike trainers Baotou style, after the heel has a thin tail after the design, walking will not fall with, wearing is also very convenient, stylish pointed style, elegant and sexy, filling your Ankle beauty. This year's super-fire of a shoe type, the heel of the heel is a bright spot, the trendy letter printing highlights the same small personality, white and black shoes into a color contrast, wear fashionable and feel. This pair of low heels of the upper material is more special, the use of smooth silk face, more retro feeling, shoes, tones are also very texture to wear, matte effect is very good, simply can wear a different fashionable. Pure black low heels is also very practical to wear, whether it is daily out of the street or work can be used to wear, the opening of the shoes is the oblique style, an increase of fashionable, the first layer of leather material, high comfort. Shoes used to go out of the nike running shoes street shape is too suitable, and simple strap style, wearing a different sense of leisure, fashionable low-heel, stepping will not feel tired feet, casually kobe shoes with nike air max jeans or short skirts can be fashionable day. Arch form of the bow, played a role in the modification of the instep, even the wide feet or feet on the fat girl can also wear a very thin, matte finish with a very lovely side, wearing a very gentle Oh.