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Weight loss can not afford to lose small legs? You need high heels to save

The summer is coming, the season of the elbow comes. How to do as a fat sister did not want to summer, after all, reduced for a long time fat, small thick legs did not seem to change, sad. But fat MM do not panic, leg thick mostly because the legs nike air max sale are short, then wear high heels to lengthen the legs lines, will be able to solve this problem to a large extent friends. Suede high heels more a woman's temperament, noble and elegant, thin high-heeled tape and hollow heel looks very sexy, fight color is also very fashionable. cheap nike sneakers Simple shoes are very ol temperament, black low-key gas field, nude color elegant and generous, sharp toe full of your professional style. Rough with a little bulky, but the victory in the stability of the square head retro elegant, the color is also nike shop very elegant, whether with a skirt or pants are very appropriate. Pointed shoes really can reflect the elegance of women's temperament, the word buckle is also very delicate and generous, thin heel with a bit sexy. Golden shoes more expensive air, thin high-heeled elegant tone, this pair of shoes is very suitable for the evening to participate in a more grand occasion, as a wedding shoes is also very appropriate.

Yellow is very bright, fat MM are generally white skin, put on the yellow shoes, will appear very temperament, walking will be very Smart. Single shoes is really very suitable for fat MM, no shoelace shackles, will not appear ankle and calf is very thick, the visual will not split leg lines, and thus more to create big legs. Nearly two years of fire up the cat heels are also very suitable for fat MM, a little bit with the fat MM very friendly, the cat with the Smart and sly also cheap nike running shoes very attractive.