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Wearing snow boots and pay attention to, take the wrong clothes will be fat!

When autumn arrives, many girls begin to search their clothes in the closet last year, but the clothes of last year have not kept up with this year's trend, so the girls can not stop changing their hearts. Every winter, girls will give themselves a pair of boots, snow boots by many girls like, but also pay attention to wear snow boots, or it will look bloated. Follow Xiaobian to see how to wear snow boots look good! And the color of the pants to avoid a big difference in this case seems to have said many times, and the color difference is bound to be truncated feeling too much. So if you do not want to be short or try your pants and shoes, some of the same color. And choose black snow boots will be more wild. Tight with more important snow boots do not choose too loose pants, because the snow boots itself gives a very atmospheric feeling, if the pants are still loose, it will look more bloated and lazy. Choose some of the more tight pencil pants or stockings, are relatively good. Echo with collocation Wear can refer to the material, the visual sense of expansion These and snow boots is a match that kind of feeling. With more exaggerated look bigger hat or a larger knitted scarf, so visually there will be no emphasis on the bloated sense below, the head and foot are almost the same feeling, naturally not wearing a snow boots bloated Feeling friends.

Boot boots can be folded down, the colder weather can also play a very good warmth. Comfortable soft fluff, after wearing it can feel its warmth. The use of memory foam insoles, to the feet of the general sense of relaxation, effectively relieve the pressure on the feet, providing better cushioning and comfort. Sole with cushion insole, can effectively reduce the impact of walking, anti-skid effect is also very good. Simple and stylish nikes on sale design, suitable for different occasions and with the effect. Vamp leather bovine split anti-fur material, can enhance the overall texture, suitable for winter wear. Inside the shoes covered the warm fuzz, comfortable and soft to wear, warmth is also very good. nike factory store Independent bearing pendants with geometrical lightweight outsole, the foot force more uniform, and enhance wear resistance. Very fine feet pants, using high-quality fabrics, good elasticity, thin thickness, can be worn throughout the year. Trousers highlights the trousers, exquisite embroidery sketched out an elegant flowers, highlight the delicate side of a woman. How to wear large size sweater fashion sense, choose nike shoes a trendy sweater is the key. Before and after the different lengths of the design, the two wear more practical and lovely. Loose large size sweater upper nike running shoes body is very thin, winter with a pair of boots and light colored stockings, fashion sense full.