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Wear on the dirty shoes, why so popular?

In your beloved shoes, there is always a pair of very evil barrier, very delicate. Do not misunderstand, I said is not bad street small white shoes. This pair of shoes not only have a small white shoes step on the distress of the characteristics of nike outlet online death, and stained with water is also very troublesome, it is difficult to clean up! Yes, it is people love and hate suede shoes. Although the suede suede material is not from the rare animal deer skin, but the use of a special leather to create suede shoes are also considered on the shoes of the "first-class protection of animals". Suede shoes are easy to dirty, cleaning fluid quite trouble. Why we love suede so much, because suede shoes look good! In addition to bring their own luxury texture, a lot of color to the suede above will be like a layer of filters, like, become soft retro. Not only Meng sister love it, a lot of men are deeply heart of this pair of "uncle" the same shoes.

First support the upper, remove the nike shop shoelaces, first gently wipe the upper nike shoes on sale dust. Put nike outlet online the shoes in a special mixture of detergent and water, produce a bubble with a soft brush gently wipe the upper, clean the stains. With a hard brush to clean the bottom and the soles of the part, and then remove the excess water to dry cloth. And then slowly brush the shoes with copper brush, until the shoes to restore the prototype.