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Vintage thick heel shoes, Hepburn exclusive elegance

Speaking of retro, Audrey Hepburn goddess is definitely the originator. She passed a lot of single product is still very fashionable now, cat shoes, Mary Jane shoes, ballet shoes, Muller shoes are all her heart. cheap nike shoes Want to get Hepburn elegance, how can be less retro thick heel shoes? Rough with a single shoe to wear both upright posture and no sense of fatigue, shallow mouth design most of nike clearance store the exposed barefoot, played the role of elongated legs, virtually a few centimeters tall, toe decorated with simple accessories Graceful yet elegant. The overall solid nike discount store color tone so that the shoes have a sense of simplicity, round head high heels to protect the toes well, have a good protective effect on the wearer's foot, the strap design on the shoes also has a stylish Even if feeling. With a sexy little pointed design, more to show your fashionable ladies atmosphere; thick with a more solid design firm, whether you are at work or attend the banquet, are decent.

Imported suede comes cheap nike running shoes with elegant attributes, latex insole and thick with the design, while the improved straps fat feet can wear, sexy pointy straps shoes, do not worry long standing will be tired Oh. The beauty of pointed high heels is that it is a little sexy, and as the years change, people's aesthetic level is constantly improving, pointed high heels and changed a lot of style and tricks, beautiful style almost endless, as the tip High-heeled shoes are shoes of the evergreen section. Classic brown easy to wear easy to wear, velvet material to add texture to the upper, it is even more warm. Stabilized belt design makes it easy to wear off, but also light up the body will not be too monotonous. Even with a solid rough with a white outfit can walk steadily, more practical.