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Thick sandy sandals, pointed shoes, to create the fan you want

Exclusive to every beautiful girl in nike shop the summer, finally come! Even if we are in the north of us, have felt the summer weather, compared to the South of the girls who are tortured by this hot weather for a long time it Today, we do for everyone to do a summer US shoes list, from the internal analysis of what is this summer is the shoes of the summer wear! Today we are from the high street tide brand children and elegant intellectual children in two directions for the classification, for everyone carefully selected six classic shoes, to ensure that you can make this summer, in the walk can also create and Others are completely different charm. Hong Kong wind has been able to prevail, because they are respected is comfortable with nature, natural wear style, this pair of magic paste thick shoes, through a simple thick discount nike shoes design, to ensure the comfort of wearing under the premise, but also let Body proportions have been very good modification.

For many girls like simple and handsome style, the wide version of the word with slippers is a very classic summer choice, this sandals in the word drag design also adds a crystal element, so that this shoe to see Up more shiny chic, black main color design, can make the nike shox clearance feet look more slim and nice. Speaking of the pursuit of a comfortable Hong Kong wind single product, of course, is still the preferred leather material Roman shoes. This shoe with the recent hot strap design, so that shoes look more fashionable cocoa wear, the design is nike shoes for sale very wild look good. Whether it is with pants or skirt, are able to create a different in the summer you are different. There may be a lot of work, or ready to and her boyfriend to a romantic date of the sister who have not selected to their favorite pair of shoes. Then you may wish to choose a gentle and elegant range of children with shoes, so that your appointment or work have become more smoothly. Cat shoes design is very classic look, the use of shallow mouth style shoes to become more simple and generous, while the use of a word with a buckle of the classic elements, so that the original pair of simple shoes filled with design highlights, whether it is dating Or daily commuter wear, are very good choice.

The design of the shoes can be said to be very bright, and in the side of the shoes with a small bowknot embellishment, very ladies elegant sense, while the heel after the use of hollow strap design, so that the overall feeling of the shoes more light, with wide legs Pants or skirts out of the street, very sweet and moving. The classic shallow mouth shoes will not be out of date, and this pair of classic in the fringed elements to join the cat heel is stepped on the footsteps of fashion before. Very comfortable leather material to ensure the comfort of wearing, elegant buckle and hollow design, so that your feminine among a pair of shoes exposed.