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The small dirty shoes that are necessary for the outing will not be too much!

Although the spring is bright and sunny, but I looked down, probably the attractions of the tourist attractions are nothing more than nike clearance store almost this is it! As long as it is a holiday, people in various parks must have more sights. When they go out for a whole day, a pair of fashionable white shoes will soon turn into small dirty shoes. It will be too late to go home and brush. Simply do it, spring outing directly to wear small dirty shoes to go out, convenient and environmentally friendly. Are you too perfunctory? Hey, is it fashionable to wear small dirty shoes? Of course, it must be admitted that small dirty shoes are not easy to wear, and if they are not careful, they will make the fairies become awkward girls. So today it is here to talk to you about how to wear a little dirty shoes out of fashionable essentials. The small dirty shoes themselves have a sense of "unreconformity". With the masculine suits and shirts, the overall shape can be all black nike shoes turned into an elegant style. Although the suit will usually be worn too seriously, but with a small dirty After the shoe, the effect is immediately different! Instead, it is more fashionable than wearing a pair of white shoes. A slightly looser size is more recommended than a tight suit.

Little dirty shoes with jeans is naturally the combination most people think of, but some people will ask, small dirty shoes have looked old enough, should not continue to match the hole jeans it? Hmmm...it depends on how you guys got it. Hole jeans items and small dirty shoes to wear, must be matched with a simple black and white nikes solid color single product, or lace striped shirt, leather clothing with a neutral style single product. Never again wear a graffiti T-shirt and a holey sweater. What is your first choice for outing? lebron 14 Naturally sportswear! The combination of sportswear and dirty shoes is the classic standard! If it is a sunrise gate, you can pick one or two pieces of sports style, with some spring jackets, properly!