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The first step in the workplace newcomer shoes from the feet!

Whether you are entering the workplace or a sea turtle elite, the first step in your career as you enter the company is the first step in your career. So we have to start from the starting line to win, then pick a good pair of boots more with less! The newcomer who just entered the workplace said that cheap nike air max the first impression you bring to people, whether on an interview or on the first day of work, is to dress up and know how to behave in a formal suit without being too special or true Very important. First, the workplace white you want to know what kind of shoes in the choice of men's shoes is not suitable for interviews. You should guess that the style is too rich style and pointed style, it is easy to predecessors for your nikes on sale first impression will be impetuous kind of definition. Shoes upper shiny, matte difference. As mentioned above, style can not choose too stylish, then the choice of upper is very important. As a young bright face uppers choose better, does not seem too boring energetic. Choose a sense of design with a little upper most secure, nike clearance store because the low profile style will be more to improve your impression of Oh ~

Leather shoes conventional color is the classic black, although the color is very popular, but black is also one of the main colors of important occasions. So new to the workplace is still to nike sale choose from. In addition to the classic black, you can choose calm brown atmosphere, but must be done with the suit, so as to better show themselves.