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Summer first pair of shoes is of course the word with sandals friends

The word with a sandals seem simple, but you can not imagine the visual effects you can imagine, looks double foot full of sense, full of sexy points. But also because of its simplicity, with Hao Hao effort, pants, skirt wood has any pressure on the United States up. High-heeled shoes who saw will fall in love with a word with sandals. There are three colors can choose, unrestrained red, classic black, summer essential skin color, are worth the investment color. Style simple and stylish, plus the band after the elements, more romantic sexy. Word with thick sandals. Uppers are bright skin, easy to care. 6CM rough with the height is comfortable, not tired feet, even if you do not wear high heels. The loop is unique and simple, the color has nude color and black can choose. Leather word with sandals, leather liberation feet, comfortable and natural breathable, naturally other materials can not be compared. High-quality rubber outsole, non-slip wear, with high 6.5CM, suitable for nike factory store shopping commuting. The colors are black, white and red can be selected.

Summer finally arrived, miss the flowers, listen to the sound of the seaside, exotic national colors; other cultural heritage, relaxed and happy beautiful through this summer, you need it. Concise word, cheap nike air max the cross face of the foot to make your feet more sexy, velvet straps to increase the texture and mobility. With a high 5.5 cm! Now is the upgrade section, material at the end of the end discount nike shoes are upgraded, the better! The At the moment deliberately made a low heel, suitable for long-term walking Oh Floor thickening, front floor sponge density of ultra-high, first-class comfort. Matte leather with a sandals. To the feet of the most comfortable shoes, to go farther. Insole and outer are sheepskin, do not have to worry about comfort. On the foot effect is very good. Wearing high heels, the whole temperament are out. Even nike sneakers with the hole is also very temperament jeans. The soles are non-slip.

Look at the word with a shorts, skirt is no one. Do not want to be sexy. This summer into the first pair of shoes, it must be no doubt.