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Summer, learn to wear these shoes pull Han it!

Now again to the summer! Small fairies who should buy some of their new summer for a single product, in addition to clothes, bags, the summer of the new shoes are also very exciting, then the purchase time, you should choose what kind of style? If you like to wear light, high comfort of a single product, it is cheap nike air max highly recommended that you choose this devil felt flat shoes. Do not look like it is not enough fashion, whether it is a picnic, shopping with friends, or hiking is very convenient, feel a little embarrassed to nike store reveal the words of simple, comfortable Sen female wind both visual sense, literary small fresh Fan will love deep The There are two Velcro design, easy to wear off, muffin design also hin show legs long.

Tie shoes from the fall of last year has been popular to the spring and summer of this year, had to mostly black, and recently gradually popular from nike air max other colors. Regardless of work, dating wear are good, with short skirts or tight jeans are also ride The foot of the exposed part of the dwarf girl can also look high five centimeters! Strap shoes and the general tie shoes in the design is slightly different, take the British style. Metal buckle design, more domineering leakage, filling the Royal sister style. Tip toe, thin body, in the visual can even more feet slender. Very popular colorful cute embroidered clothing, Peng Peng's cuffs with a strong folk customs, coupled with the shoes, of course, with a futuristic, small hair ball, coupled with the most red tie big plus points, warm summer, Go to the island vacation, really want to bring a pair!

Put on such a lovely shoes, of course, must be accompanied by a lovely jelly bag it! Fu La jelly bag is very small, nike discount store very few colors are very summer, one can capture your heart.