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Sports insole cleaning life up to teach you to properly clean the insole dead ends

Sports nike store insoles how to clean? Basically wear sports shoes baby know that sports insole is almost the corner of the sneakers, if you can not find the correct cleaning method, it will not only yellow and black hair will be smelly. So, how should the sports insole should be cleaned? Here we take a look at how the sports insole should be cleaned ~ first wet the shoes, with a soft brush to clean the inside of the dirt, after the water with a cloth or thick paper towels printed dry, stable After the shoes naturally dry, but to avoid nike shop direct sunlight.

1. Basically, try to avoid cleaning the insole. If there is odor, the insole can be removed and placed in the air circulation at the air, or even use footwear deodorant to remove odor.

2. If the situation is bad, the underwear can be washed under the faucet and soft brush with a soft brush, do not use any clean economy, otherwise the layer of cloth may fall off.

3. Place the air in the air, all black nike shoes do not use the hot air or dry hair with a hair dryer forced to dry the insoles, or insoles may be variant. Insole is the main role is to protect the soles of the feet, and now the insole has also developed a lot of features, antibacterial deodorant, health care and the like. Insoles need to clean because the shoes for a long time, dirty not only the upper and nike shox clearance socks, insoles will produce stains discoloration black, and the insole in the shoes is a relatively closed space, more likely to breed bacteria, so more need Cleaning. And in order to keep the shoes comfortable, if the insole is broken, it is recommended to replace the new insole.

First, every night before going to sleep, with cotton balls or cloth head dipped in small alcohol, evenly wiped in just off the plastic, shoes, until the next morning dry and then wear. So insist on two weeks later, the shoes will not smell.

Second, take the right amount of dehydration alum or dry lime powder, with a small cloth bag is good, every night before going to sleep placed in the shoes, the next day to remove the wet damp in the shoes.

Third, a few pieces of health balls into powder, sprinkle in the clean shoes, and then pad a piece of insoles, so when it is not easy to wear stinky feet.

Four, the new buy back to the plastic, shoes, sponge at the end of its evenly sprayed the white wine (until the end of the sponge can not absorb up), until it is dry, wear it will not produce a smell (such as old plastic, , It can be cleaned after the same treatment).

Five, the dry tea (bubble can also) package into the shoes can be removed odor.

1, health care insoles, such as: Chinese medicine insoles, loofah insoles, bamboo charcoal insole to always wash, keep dry.

2, functional insoles such as: increased insoles, shock pads to pay attention to comfort, to no sense of discomfort for the degree.

3, leather insole wearing a long time, leather will be rigid. To be changed frequently.

4, special function insoles: such as anti-static insoles, washing to avoid strong alkaline liquid soaking.

5, the use of orthopedic insoles, we must first go to regular hospital consultation.