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Short season Small short legs can hold live fashionable Fan

The season of the boots is finally coming! In the fall, the boots became essential wild single product, very good concave shape. Even a small short leg can hold live boots, especially fashionable charm. Xiaobian today to take you to see what Oh! Boots can not lack the rough with, with the existence of the tip, they can make your match more charm, make you become a fashionable people. If you nike sale are a small short leg, then choose the short skirt and pointed short boots, it is very significant and very thin Oh! This year is nike shop also very popular a Chelsea boots, very generous charm, can help you enhance the overall fashionable charm, especially the thin temperament, easy to create a personalized charm fragrance, people put it down Oh! Xiaobian today to introduce you to several fashionable boots, so you feel the different charm. Very handsome a short boots, both sides of the use of elastic elastic design, wear off very convenient. Solid elements are very generous and wild, coupled with the effect of flat, walking is easy and comfortable, there will be no sense of restraint Oh!

Especially with a retro style boots, in front of the use of a circular zipper design, especially the fashionable temperament. Square head of the elements, so easy to wear and convenient, coupled with the rough with the design, do not understand the girl to wear heels can also easily control Oh! This self-cultivation boots is really nike free nice Simple and full of aristocratic temperament of a short boots, short section of bare boots design, very temperament and charm. Thick with the elements, so easy to wear, but also play a significant visual effect. Side of the zipper, so wear nike shop off more relaxed and convenient Oh! Both sides of the personality of the opening design, a good modification of the foot lines, a strong sense of silhouette. Rough with the elements, to create a high visual effect. So simple and generous boots, it is people like and wild Oh! Solid color design is not picking people wearing, with when it seems easy! Hollow design a little more aesthetic temperament, add a different visual effects. Rough with elements play a high visual, very attractive. Short boots will choose a zipper, wear off only convenient. Square head design to break the traditional elements, creating a stylish tone. Simple design is full of generous elegant beauty, for you to enhance a lot of fashion charm. Whether it is with a skirt, high waist pants or Slim pants are particularly nice Oh!

Behind the lace design is full of elegant feminine, exudes elegant flavor fragrance. Pointed design is perfect to modify the contours of the lines of the feet, to create a significant effect. Pointed design can help you easily explain the slim figure Oh! Side of the double-opening design is particularly fashionable, breaking the traditional design of the past, showing the feeling of personality. Simple little rough with a high visual, breaking the flat monotony. So handsome Martin boots is wild fashion. I believe that with such a boots, wearing the effect is more attractive Oh! Choose a stylish boots is a charming effect, can be a perfect upgrade up a lot of fashionable temperament Oh!