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Shoes with color skills

Color, in order to make up for the monotonous tone, you can focus on a color, so that the overall color balance. The same color collocation should pay attention to the difference between the brightness of the color and color can not be too close nor too far, such as black and white brightness is too large, you need to be gray to transition. With the same color match, it is best to have deep, medium and shallow changes in the three levels. The key color should be used on a very small area. It can not be used on a large area. Choose the key color must consider the balance of color effects.

Some color tips

1 red with white, black, blue gray, beige, gray.

2. Brown with beige, yellow goose, brick red, turquoise, black.

3. Yellow with purple, blue, white, brown, black.

4. Green with white, beige, black, dark purple, taupe, beige.

5. Blue with white, pink blue, sauce red, gold, silver, olive green, orange, yellow.

Color is to pay attention to the unified nike shoes for sale scheduling

For example, the color of red and yellow with warm yet stable. Color nike clearance store is also a science, good color makes people look very comfortable, very seductive. If you feel nike shox trouble, then teach you a way: nike factory outlet 1. The same color with the wrong; 2. The order of the red, yellow, green, blue and violet, the more closely the colors match together.

Shoes color is also a good learning color people think shoes have taste, looks pleasing to the eye, comfortable.