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Seasonal shoes, which is your first choice for men?

Since the world blowing a wave of sports, sports nike free run shoes can be said to take the big layout, the major brands have also launched their own sports shoes, even the fashion week off the street shooting, and only sports shoes figure. Leaving aside fashion do not say, the streets have also appeared a lot of shoes, from the latest style, until the classic engraved version, almost no intermittent launch. Leaving aside the trend of movement does not say, cheap nike air max minimalist nike air max design is still popular favorite, and all white shoes are also in this wave of wave continued to burn, to this fall and winter can still see the emergence of white casual shoes! If you are afraid of simple white shoes too boring, it is recommended in the socks on the ink, with a different color, totem, embellishment play and vitality!

Desert boots developed in the Second World War, the United Kingdom in order to allow soldiers to have more durable and comfortable footwear, they developed a desert boots, and desert boots are also known with their war around the world. Later, with the end of the war, desert boots have become civilian materials into the folk, and so brought the trend! However, in the selection of boots, it is recommended from the material, work began to choose a pair of good boots, its durability, comfort is not generally cheaper than the style. Desert boots are a pair can be used in the work, or play occasions are applicable to the boots! In this can be casual and can be the official characteristics of the desert boots but not with the restrictions, especially where the suits, uniforms, leisure, streets, etc., can easily control. Fully show the desert boots fashion, practical features.

Derby boots lebron 14 and Oxford shoes, Lok Fu shoes, Mencius shoes, these four kinds of shoes is known as the most suitable with a suit of gentleman shoes! Compared to more people know the Oxford shoes, Derby shoes in the design, the tongue and the whole upper use of open-type shoes, exposed tongue and two pieces of shoes between the shoelace to fix the distance, with shoes Wing tail is not connected with the tongue, more easily adjust the elastic, more restrained than Oxford shoes, especially for the Asian foot wide or high back, often can bring better comfort. In fact, in the early Derby shoes be more formal shoes, but in recent years with the evolution of style, coupled with the choice of material diversity, the development of a more casual, fashion sense Derby shoes. The origin of the Derby boots, from the European army with shoes improved, to 1850 years later, but also evolved into fashionable hunting and sports shoes, after the widespread fashion is usually wearing casual shoes.