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Platform shoes have been on line Small still afraid of no long legs?

For the little girl, every time you see those big legs will envy you. To Xiao Bian said that although there are not enough congenital conditions, they can be used to make up for it. One of the items that can easily pull up tall is shoes. Among many shoes, Xiao Bian is more concerned about is the platform shoes. Compared with high-heeled lebron cheap nike basketball shoes 13 shoes, platform shoes soles soles, not only have the same high-heeled results, but also not tired to walk. And in terms of design, loose shoes in addition to the upper, you can also make a fuss on the heel. Contrast color design like stripes, simple atmosphere can also add a lot of design sense, it seems nike sale more taste. In addition, the upper of the platform shoes is different in material and style. Like the leather material upper, it is very texture and elegant on the top. The canvas upper has its own vitality and more of it is a casual temperament. In the dress, the platform shoes are not picky. Sisters are used to match the look and feel of skirts with a mix and match, with trousers on the street. The following Xiaobian recommended several platform shoes, sisters may wish to look at it. A small leather shoe with a comfortable feel. It uses a PU material as the upper, which is very shiny. And the design of the soles of nike shox clearance the soles not only makes it easy to pull up the height, but also makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

A single shoe designed by British style. The patent leather upper is shiny and bright, and it looks very tasteful. The design of the lace can be adjusted according to the feet. Thick soles, walking is easy. Single-shoe uppers are made of the first layer of cowhide material. The leather is soft and delicate, and it is breathable on the feet. And the toe also designed the British style of Brock carved, it is very detailed and not monotonous. More casual pair of canvas shoes. The sole of the loose cake platform has a sole design that is easy to increase while the foot feels comfortable. 3 sets of color matching, black low-key stain-resistant, gray bright jazz, white easy to take. Little white shoes can be said that the sisters have shoes. This double-increased + platform cake sole design, after the foot is not only significantly higher, not tired feet. Sisters are suitable regardless of whether they go shopping, dating or traveling. A cool brogue shoe. Its upper uses PU leather material, not only soft leather, but also very glossy. And the embossed design of the shoes, the British atmosphere is full, very significant taste. Design a more generous canvas shoes. Its upper uses a canvas fabric that is breathable and comfortable while also resisting dirt and dirt. And non-slip rubber outsole, wear-resistant folding, it is worn. The high-top design of a canvas shoe is very much modified by the sisters' legs. And the shoes are flat and slender, and they don't look bulky when they are on the upper legs. The soles of the thick-soled platform will visually increase you.