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Pick the shoes, which in the original there is such a big knowledge!

Thousands lebron 14 of miles began with a single step, for the choice of shoes, we must pick a pair of suitable for their own, and comfortable shoes, which is conducive to their own health, but also to make their own comfortable walking. So the choice of shoes in fact there are a lot of knowledge! Different foot type for different shoes! Before the soft after the hard. This is the most common foot type, followed by support force, the front foot shock effect is good. This foot type easy heel pain, big toe and two toes under the long calluses.

Slippers with radian design, reduce the foot contact with the ground, so that the foot in a comfortable environment, slippers soft texture, soles of the feet wide, not grinding feet, is a comfortable and relaxing slippers! Soft before soft. This type of foot cushion is good, but the support of the body is relatively weak. If the weight is too high, easily lead to flat feet; if the heel inside the serious wear and tear, the medial side of the arch is easy from the calluses, resulting in irreversible collapse of the arch; foot over fatigue will lead to ankle strength weakened, knee wear increased, Back sag. Such people choose shoes with foot support pad shoes, if necessary, should receive correction treatment. After the hard before the nike shoes hard type. This foot type is characterized by a higher arch, even if the foot force is almost no deformation. Foot bones and ligaments naturally tightened, better support, but the shock effect is poor. Therefore, the knee, hip and lower waist by the pressure increases, easily lead to arthritis, tendonitis and ankle sprain, toes easy to calluses. Recommendation: This foot type of people choose upper upper, front foot wide shoes, insoles and soles choose soft and flexible, shock good. Usually should do more stretching exercise, help to ease the foot tension of the muscles.

The whole pair of shoes made of seamless injection, ultra-light EVA material, flexible, shock and good, and in the bath when you do not have to worry about stepping on the water will slide to the design is also very intimate! Stable before the steady state. This foot type is the most stable, nike clearance store but also the closest to the normal foot, usually followed by wear and tear wear slightly larger than the toes. But this kind of foot type of people is not a problem no. The shoes are too tight or the toes are too low to be long. Recommendation: should try to avoid wearing pointed shoes and high heels. For the stability of the former stable foot to avoid wearing pointed shoes and high heels, Xiao Bian for the pro-recommended a small white shoes, this year's popular models Oh! Shoe feet meet the foot type, soles wear, the use of elastic sleeve feet, convenient and comfortable, feet pedal to wear! After the flat before the flat type.

This type of foot is hard to bear for a long time. Otherwise the foot pressure will be uploaded to the ankle, knee, thigh, crotch and waist. Feet easy to long cocoon, corns, feet easily cramps. Recommendation: This type of people buy shoes, choose the bottom thick, mat soft, relatively loose. When exercising, choose to swim or ride a bike and try to avoid running on a hard road.

Summer is coming, beautiful crush is not prepared for their own pair of high heels? Do not be too high, cheap nikes or easy to wrestling, walking is not comfortable, do not just look at the appearance, comfort is the selection of factors, this high heels leather soft, moderate thickness, and breathable shock! Kissed