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Nice not tired! A pair of 5cm practical sandals is absolutely fashionable summer effort!

Do you think it is good to wear only flat shoes it? Seal Jun told you absolutely is not, 5cm below the high heels, make you look up and looked long legs! Not only that, but also very comfortable, absolutely not tired feet! More scientific research shows that wearing 5cm or more out of high-heel, help to lose weight! So good is not tired but also lose weight perfect shoes! You really do not come a pair? The word with a pair of sandals can be described as a pair of wild single product! But only with a thin belt to support all the footsteps of strength, if it is a small fine or high degree of high black nike shoes shoes, will let the foot tired really wear. So rough with a word is the perfect match with the sound, give you a stable sense of happiness! Ankle strap design, so that the elegant word with a more sexy, fish mouth design can be better fit foot type, even fat feet can also easily get! Thin belt is also very suitable for foot looks better MM, kind of looming sexy!

?Put on the comfortable slippers left, if you can bring a little bit with it, it can be said that is very perfect! Do not look at this a few centimeters, it will make you chest up, more temperament! Pointed high heels is definitely one of the most sexy shoes, and legs are long and elegant, can be described as a set of thousands of pet in a pointed high-heeled slippers must inherit this advantage! And bare an ankle to pull the legs of this effect to the extreme! This year's bath slippers fans of the popular, although the light is really easy to wear to wear, but this style of slippers inevitably a little bit of thick legs. It is better to add them with a 5cm with, or a pair of good to wear nike air max slippers, but the little legs of the small problems from the worship of it! Wear some cross section, diamond models, girls temperament also up it! Clowns of the cat heels, from the summer to now can be described as flush half the sky! Elegant retro, walking light, should be standing in your shoe a pair cheap nike air max of standing. Absolutely not tired feet, shopping to work this pair can easily get, if you have not, it is too out! Five big tied straps shoes must also have a lot of weight in the hearts of everyone, bundled look also let sandals more sexy. Although nice, but the strap is also very difficult to control shoes. The part of the strap will make your legs look visually shorter. nike shox clearance So the child is not too high or five five points of the body to wear the skin to pay attention! Appropriate with something, you wear it to have a better body proportion!