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Love to wear thick with sandals girl, especially charming

Rough with sandals can be said to be in nike factory store the footwear is not too many tricks, from each one has a thin taste of the style. Most of the girls on the sandals, will tend to rough with, after all, rough with the sandals wearing comfortable, there is no too many tricks, even the style, but also new nike shoes has a wild style, so love to wear thick sandals Girl, are particularly charming. A word buckle with coarse sandals, retro-based, retro style of the characteristics of Van Gogh has always been the goddess of grace, slightly square outline clear feet comfortable, shoes, leather is very soft, very thin to wear, with high and comfortable, Walking is not tired, cost-effective high, shoe must! Thick and thin sandals with the combination will be more small feet, but also elongated leg lines. Muller rough with the sandals, Mu Le shoes, the continuation of the elegant retro, nike free 5.0 whether it is flat or high heel, can be a perfect show of feminine dress especially with Muller shoes Nice Nice, not high and low heel shorts with short skirts , More tall figure. Thick with cross strap sandals, feet perfect, summer will choose models! Comfortable and excellent straps according to the sister of the mood there are a variety of tied to the upper side of the shoe to the side of the foot pad of ultra-fiber, texture try to know through the good. Whether it is to catch the skirt show elegant sweet, or put on pants neat handsome, tie shoes really wild to you incredible!

Cross straps with the square head sandals, small thick with + leather bag with, combined with the upper soft anti-sheep anti-skin, looks upscale, wearing more comfortable. Muller rough with sandals, avant-garde fashion, the British avant-garde sandals, design leisure but close to fashion, personalized fashion, piercing the ideal, new attitude.

Rough with sandals fashion has continued, from the street can be seen that many girls love to wear thick sandals to the street, a confident nike shop and charming style from the girl who vividly show, so that love to wear thick with Sandals girl is the most charming.