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Love to wear high heels, have a pair of bad looks good feet

High heels good, the cat I am not popular today, nothing more than is significantly higher, was the proportion of a second change in temperament or something. I do, today is to find fault to everyone Ka Pu malpractice! Long wear high heels, the pressure on the feet to promote the thumb eversion, triggering changes in the foot joints, affecting the appearance. Flat shoes under the state, the feet are out of relaxation. Wear high heels when the feet together with the calf will be out of the tight state. The higher the heel, the tendon becomes shorter and shorter, the foot pressure increases and causes pain. Which is nike free 5.0 why wear high heels shopping will be more easily tired. Moreover, wearing high heels can cause other parts of the pain. When wearing high heels, the whole shape of the spine will change, but also lead nike air max to neck pain, waist pain and knee pain. In fact, is not to say that do not wear high heels, as long as the control time frequency is like, often wear flat shoes to relax. Or choose a more appropriate high-heeled length, science shows that 3.5 cm below is no pressure state. As the heel is black and white nikes higher, the greater the pressure, so the heel is better.

High heels on the choice, to see the cat heels. With not high, and fashion, this year the street beat the influx of people love this one. A little more dangerous and more subtle, cat with shoes beautiful just! High heels is the pursuit of each woman, but everything must have a start, do not start to rush to wear more than ten centimeters of high heels, you can start from low! Choose a pair of practice shoes, so that you easily transition to high heels. And it is this section - cat! with! shoe! High-level imports of soft leather PU surface, not grinding feet wear very comfortable. Walking in the hollow design, the middle part of the British style band is fixed. Word buckle shoes is very fashionable, soles are small peach heart design, do not love not work. Pointed feet thin, ankle more than a layer of lace fixed, wear more solid, do not worry about falling shoes or twisted feet of the situation. This style is also very simple style, revealing more than half of the feet, the summer will not be hot. With 5 cm high, not high not short, wear it easy.

The overall sense of the line is very strong, very thin, completely reveal the kind of big taste and texture. Leather is used in fetal leather, texture and softness are the best. Pad feet made thicker latex pad, wear like a step on the cotton, especially soft. Although the fine is not very high, but it is inevitable that there will be tense or unstable situation appears. This kind of rough and short wear and hold, and the pressure is greatly reduced. Frosted surface adds retro style, more gentle atmosphere, and relative to the leather surface is more comfortable not grinding feet. This year the popularity of special geometric patterns, including jewelry, nike clearance clothes and shoes. This upper ring with a ring embellishment, rubber wear at the end of good, the weight of the shoes is very light is not heavy. Taking into account the geometric ring design, choose bright PU auxiliary, more fashionable. Tired of the pointed shoes and round shoes, you can try square shoes. In fact, square head shoes is not old-fashioned, designed a more temperament. Square head of the front of the shoe is more relaxed, the front half of the foot without a sense of restraint, the upper use of rubbing leather material, looks more layered and three-dimensional sense.