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Lazy cancer gospel, this pair of boots will be able to get your spring and autumn all with

This year's sustained high temperature is really enough people in the summer, I can not wait for every day at home altar prayer fall come, and finally wait to cool down, the new purchase can also wear the autumn, then the problem came, how to match the shoes What? Like the summer is socks shoes, fall is definitely a man to enhance the gas field of the artifact --- boots. In the choice of boots, senior influx of people may choose tooling boots, fashion fine may choose Chelsea. cheap nikes But there is a kind of boots can control a variety of styles, even in the spring and autumn of this men with the most diverse season, are completely no problem, called lazy cancer patients with the gospel, it is desert boots desert boots with other types of boots different Features, is: 1, in the help; 2, stitching vamps, and flaps to highlight the front; 3, lace, shoes with holes 3 holes or less; 4, soles thin, 5, the upper generally no carving and other decoration.

Say you may not believe, desert boots almost no dead ends, in the men's daily with the desert boots can be competent, and can take a good look. Desert boots lines neat, in the daily leisure with it, it will not be overwhelming, but also enhance the texture, and the overall mix, but also gives cheap nike air max "young man really lord, there is the spirit of" impression. Desert boots in which the role played, is to give people the feeling of light male, not only wearing shoes, young devils, nor is a serious old nike clearance store school. These basic with, and then pay attention to some small details: fit, pull trousers, to avoid fancy color, it has been very good to see in the casual match, the choice of material and color, but also more casual, but suede, do the nike outlet store old skin will be Better choice, if you can only choose a color, then choose the classic honey wax (brown dark) it Desert boots, but the meaning of resolving rigid, but also because the desert boots itself there is a little elegant temperament exists, so even if the body is fitted with desert boots will not feel awkward, but will not make people feel too casual. The