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How to clean shoes?

Many sports shoes, shoe friends have a question? Sneakers should wear a long time how to clean it? If the water was degummed how to do? Today to nike shoes teach everyone how to clean this sneaker to ensure that shoes are not hurt. If only the upper dirty, so long as holding a rag dip detergent water can be very clean. This is for those leather shoes. Easier to clean. Of course, the most white shoes is the most difficult to clean, a lot of white shoes washed yellowish white shoes after washing detergent This is to clean the upper, after washing people will look more like new shoes. This is also relatively easy to clean. In fact, more difficult to clean the inside of the shoes. Many people wear shoes for a long time will foot odor, it is because more bacteria inside the shoes. If you nike sale encounter shoes more stinky, it is recommended to kill fungi with alcohol or vinegar. When cleaning out the insoles, and then spray bottle decorated with white wine or vinegar spray inside the shoe, and then get the sun under the sun. This will not be the next foot odor when worn.

Some people may ask, why not directly wash it? In fact, of course, water can be washed, but it is often easy to degreasing the water, and some people cold winter hand, using hot water to wash with hot water is easier to degum. Glue encountered high temperatures, it is easy to lose the sticky. In particular, canvas shoes, shoes may not have been washed before the good, after black nike shoes washing the shoes on the plastic. Therefore, the general washing is not recommended too hard. And must use cold water, shoe brush also have nike free 5.0 to use a soft brush, if the kind of hard brush, shoes are not washed well estimated that you brush broken. If the white shoes, then the sun is recommended to wrap a layer of paper on the upper to prevent the shoes yellowing. If canvas shoes, then do not recommend exposure. Proposed air-dried is better. If it is really troublesome, I suggest that the shoes directly to the dry cleaners, spend some money, people will help you wash well.