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How to choose a pair of comfortable and nice and fit the slippers?

Slippers are a kind of shoes, followed by all empty, cheap nike shoes that there are in front of the toe, mostly flat, the material is often very soft leather, plastic, cloth and so on. So, how to pick a pair of high quality slippers? From the current market slippers material, no more than sheepskin, leather, synthetic leather, plastic, rubber, yarn cloth and several, leather slippers can absorb sweat, heat and comfort, wearing a long time to grow some of the skin Slippers nike shoes sale than the skin slippers to be worse; plastic slippers light, cheap, but not sweat, breathability is not good appearance quality inspection: any material slippers, in the same pair on the front and back to help thick, fine, color depth to be consistent , No cracks, from the shell, stains and other stains, and so on. In addition, the slippers of the upper is best not high is not low, to not card ankle as the standard size appropriate: do not buy too tight shoes, especially the foot of the girl should buy big shoes, Over full, giving a more bloated feeling. If it is pointed shoes, big toes should be left with the head 1 cm margin;

If it is flat foot, then you can choose the bottom of a certain high degree of curvature, in the slippers, shoelaces best in the middle of the instep, especially in the cross of the shoelaces, help to improve the visual effect of the instep; Children are suitable for wearing any style of slippers, especially in the nike shoes on sale back of the foot with the highest word or around the ankle lace slippers, beautiful lines will make your feet look very beautiful; buy thick lace slippers should choose slightly larger If you choose the heel and the front of the hollow-shaped slippers, you should choose just right or slightly smaller, or put on for some time will be too loose and not with the foot; Try to wear cheap nike shoes before the full size of slippers, to avoid too tight or too loose. In the low-heeled slippers slippers are not suitable for body fat, thick legs wearing people