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How can I make my feet comfortable?

I believe that many women have a lot of shoes, especially in the summer, from the flip flops, loose shoes, and then hate days high ... ... for the beautiful fashion Many women are stepping on them all day, although not very comfortable. 1, health shoes logo (1) toe high: the best choice toe in the toe can be slightly curved shoes, at least 0.5-1cm of space for toe activities. (2) the shoe body is hard and wide: to avoid left and right nike outlet online shaking. The width of the shoes can not be too narrow, there should be 0.5cm of space. (3) black nike shoes ankle lower cortex to the soft: heel parts must be hard, so as to protect the feet. 2, pick the best time to buy shoes to buy shoes in the afternoon when the best 3-4 points, when the feet will be more up, then choose the shoes in the future when not wearing feet. In addition, it is best to try to take 5 minutes to ensure that shoes really comfortable to buy shoes 3, new shoes to add soft insole to wear high heels, you can put a soft insole at nike factory outlet the arch, you can reduce the pressure on the soles of the feet. In addition, the heel height is best not too high to 3 ~ 5cm the most appropriate, heel should not be too small, otherwise it is difficult to stabilize the support weight, toe is best not too narrow, so that the soles of the feet and toes to breathe.

4, high heels do not wear every day like wearing high heels female friends, 1 day is best not more than 2 hours, so as not to affect health. Suggestions may wish to prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes and high heels in the office to wear, can reduce the fatigue of the foot. 5, the appropriate use nike clearance of sticky slippery, shock pad wear sandals, you can slip or shock pad attached to the forefoot, you can reduce the foot to bear too much pressure. 6, home to often press the foot to wear high heels due to weight and pressure accumulated damage, will start from the toes and soles of the feet began to appear pain, over time, this part of the bones and joints will be early degradation. Often do foot massage, can relieve ligament pressure, but also promote blood circulation, relieve foot and leg pain. '