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Four strokes teach you to identify leather shoes from here

First, feel hand touch leather surface if smooth (grain processing into coarse skin in addition), soft, plump and flexible feeling is leather. Second, the eye is mainly used to identify the type of leather and leather grain surface is good or bad, observe the surface of the leather has a more obvious pores and patterns, and synthetic leather, although also like pores, but not complete is not clear. Another synthetic leather on the back of a layer of textiles as a floor, the textile floor is used to increase its tensile strength, and the leather is not the opposite side of this layer of textiles, this identification is the most simple and practical approach.

Third, the smell of good quality skin is generally no smell, all leather has the smell of leather, if there is pungent odor may be dealt with in the tannery process and a certain use of chemical raw materials exceeded. Four, ignite the dermis after burning the smell and hair lit after the smell almost, and after burning nodded knot, with your fingers can be kneaded into a grind; artificial leather ignited after the pungent smell, and after burning pimple

Now a lot of skin types, where only the commonly used skin: ordinary pig smooth surface in the pig skin surface through a different tanning process, first in the skin surface coating and then color, ordinary pig smooth surface gloss , The pores arranged very rules, the general three holes were a group of triangular shape, according to the different regions and different tannery technology in the quality of the pig is also different, there is no detailed solution, the quality of the pig is better Face thin, soft to the touch. As the leather technology continues to improve, now pig smooth can be processed into a lot of different varieties of skin. Embossed effect, embossed effect is in the skin surface pressure on the strip, blood tendons, etc .; litchi pattern effect, this effect is sometimes a bit like coarse grain effect, but with the leather and the nature of the difference. Litchi pattern is characterized by a slightly thicker than the ordinary smooth and rough grain. Light coating effect, the surface of the skin without coating but directly on a different color, gloss than ordinary smooth light, this leather feel better than ordinary smooth, and the skin in the hands of the feeling of sagging. Wash effect, wash the effect of the smooth coating is also thin, and ordinary light is not very different, the difference is more nike trainers than ordinary smooth feel soft. You can directly wash the clothes stains on the water. Wipe the leather, the skin surface and the bottom of the different colors, after making the finished product can be in the appearance of the clothes with sandpaper or other raw materials in your anti-need to wipe, and make your clothes into another For the style of fashion.

The first layer of the first layer of velvet leather is made in the back of the first layer of the skin. The surface of the suede has short and fine pile and the surface has a strong sense of direction. Sometimes you can see a small portion of the pores. The first layer of suede washed leather, this leather than ordinary suede feel better, more flexible and more than ordinary suede leather drape. Printing is generally in the suede side of the processing of a different pattern, the film is velvet leather in the side of a layer of film, the skin has a layer of special light, is a more fashionable leather , But its drawback is that the breathable performance is not good (it is best not to explain to the consumer). Porcupine velvet leather and the first layer of suede is essentially different, its suede than the first layer of suede slightly thicker, and can see the pig skin on the triangular pores. Softness and tensile strength far less than the first layer of suede, leather opening is much smaller than the first layer. The second layer of suede can also be processed with the first layer of suede into a lot of different types of modified leather, due to the second floor suede price is cheaper and not significant clothing grade. So we rarely use this in the domestic skin. Sheepskin is characterized by thin leather plate, soft and smooth feel, delicate pores, irregularly distributed evenly, was flat round. Sheep skin in the leather dress is a comparison of the grade of a leather raw materials.

The structure of the goat's skin is slightly stronger than the sheep's skin, so the tensile strength is better than the sheep's skin, because the skin surface is thicker than the sheep's skin. And sheep skin is the difference between the goat skin layer is more rough, smoothness is not as sheep skin, feel slightly worse than the sheep skin. As the leather can reach a certain thickness and fastness, so it is mainly used for leather goods and shoes more. Cow is characterized by small pores, uniform distribution, leather fullness, leather than other skin more solid, feel solid nike shox clearance and full of flexibility. Fur nike shox clearance clothing from its use can be divided into two categories: one is to keep the warm nike shoes for sale for the purpose of wearing wool wear; the other is decorated with the main purpose of the hair to wear fur clothing (also known as fur fur clothing).