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Footwear is too tight but cold feet! This step is very warm and wear shoes

The weather is getting cold! Even the south began to snow, wear a tight out, but found that the foot was not cold, the body also followed cold. The so-called cold from the feet Well, the first step is to keep the feet warm. A lot of fairies will wear several pairs of socks, wearing tight shoes, thinking a little warmer. In fact, it is easier to do cold foot it! As the footwear is too tight, the foot will "breathe", will result in poor blood circulation, the heat can not effectively reach the foot, so that the chances of foot frostbite but will increase. Heel is also exquisite, winter is best not to wear too high and too thin heel, higher than 4 cm, with too thin, wear feet in the feet will be a lot of force, but the feet are the farthest away from the heart The location, so it's easy to freeze.

The insulation pad cut into the same size as insoles, first into the shoes, and then pad insoles. Because the insulation pad has the effect of insulation, can make your shoe heat will not be dissipated, so cheap nikes no matter the cold, feet are still warm. Put on a pair of socks, then put on a plastic bag, and then put on a pair of socks, note that socks are not tight Oh! Plastic bag sets a long time, the foot inside or will not see through, so this approach is not suitable for long-term use, can only be said to be a first aid method. Four seasons need to prepare a pair of sports shoes, is a very popular dad recently. Looking so thick soles, wearing legs cheap nike air max but it will appear small legs, wild artifact. Winter wear a Qiuqu Yu Imperial cold, and wear pants plus velvet pants it! Slim high waist style, even if the plus velvet, it will not appear very thick legs, legs will be more difficult to show. Down jacket is essential. A small A version of such a vest vest, the whole person were significantly higher a nike free lot, wearing your favorite sweater nike outlet online or sweater, vest is very warm and will not seem bloated.