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Fashion wear ride nike shoes darling? Boots single product favorite

Boots in the fashion industry is also occupy a considerable proportion of the elements, whether it is with feet pants or self-cultivation Leggings are the choice of fine little woman. A match your style of boots in life and work can give you a good first impression, when you walk in the streets, boots always be able to follow your nike sale steps, bring you unexpected surprises. Shoe body is designed nike free 5.0 for work boots designed thick leather, the side of the shoe body with a three-stitched method, tough imported Mark sewing, exquisite handmade, the use of latex resin impregnated car suture, waterproof well. Short boots just right length, will not appear cumbersome, pointed design allows the extension of the effect of the leg lines, combined with the 7 cm thick with the design, comfortable to walk, it seems natural was significantly thinner. Boots more handsome, echoes with copper buttons, the color is heavy cheap nike shoes metal locomotive, waxing tie with a very handsome, put on the dress + jacket is OK.

Mirror-like streamer flow in the upper, the appearance of a bout of translucent bottomed living water, as the pace of the swing will shine for a while, irregular folds give the shoes a distinctive sense of vividness. Upper with a soft suede, folding and toughness stick, walking fit foot to enhance the soles of the feet (acupuncture points a lot of ha) comfort. Lace part is designed in the heel, unique design, full of tide. A pair of beautiful and absolutely good shoes, the height of the tube is not very high, about centimeters above the ankle, the leather is very soft, zipper side zipper is also convenient and quick.