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Dress + sneakers, wear healthy natural beauty!

This summer, two years seemingly different styles of single product friction in addition to sparks, that is, dress and sneakers, all the way fashion people scrambling to try. Dress is more ladies, sports shoes more neutral, but with the mix was so fresh and pleasant. Want to know the summer "dress + sports shoes" the correct way to open? "Dress + sneakers" is very wild, almost suitable for any occasion. Do not like the fancy color can try all lebron 14 black with simple, simple effortless, translucent style more layered and fresh. Small floral dress is very beautiful, compared to the wide pendulum dress, more self-cultivation of small floral straight skirt more do nike shoes on sale not pick the body, with a pair of light-colored shoes very ladies. Shirt skirt is the standard of the summer goddess, gray shirt skirt does not pick color, with a pair of black sneakers, micro-fat girls so wear and no sense of violation. This summer there is a popular trend had to mention, that is, check. A chic checkered dress special refreshing, with a pair of white high to help shoes, literary Fan temperament full.

Who says black and white is meant to be monotonous? It nike factory store is you with no heart with. Choose a black strap mini skirt, with black and white sneakers and black socks, black glasses to enhance the wear level, the overall black nike outlet online and white with a very seductive atmosphere. For the lazy sister, the pajamas wind wear is also very fashionable. Choose a lazy pajamas style dress, such as this beige loose dress, with black shoes, lazy reveals a fine. For clothing more bold woman, you can try this check + stripes stitching dress, with a pair of white sports shoes, the overall black and white with a very bold. For most women, do not want to spend in the morning to wear a waste of time, then choose a black dress, with a pair of white sports shoes, back a personalized bag, so black and white with you effortless fashion sense The If you are tired of the monotony of the basic color, then the more secure way is to play on the accessories color, such as orange shoes, red scarves, can make you wear a rich color.