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Do you want to wash your shoes? What kind of washing is correct?

Sports shoes are now people's mainstream shoes, whether men, women and children, in all the number of shoes, sports shoes is the largest proportion of the proportion. Because people want to exercise, it is inseparable from sports shoes. However, many people will not maintain shoes. A common phenomenon is never to wash your shoes, wait until the old shoes, and throw it away directly. Sports shoes do not like our summer clothes, wash every day, it is not as good as clothes so wash, moderate cleaning it is a maintenance. But in the cleaning time, if your cleaning method is not right, it is likely to cause damage to their own love shoes, you know how to wash shoes? Here are some tips for cleaning sneakers. Very good to achieve that is the purpose of cleaning and protect their own love shoes. The shoes on the cleaning agent, a long time bubble, so the damage to the shoes is relatively large. So, the process of cleaning, you only need to swim into the water sports shoes, the appropriate time can be, kobe 11 and not so long overnight. Under normal circumstances should avoid the wash pad. The role of insole is essential, especially sports shoes insoles, the material changes in the process of movement will be very uncomfortable, so if the insoles are different, you can put the insole nike clearance and placed in the air circulation.

Or use footwear deodorant to remove the smell, if dirty, put the insole under the faucet flush, and then brush with a soft brush, do not use any cleaning agent, otherwise the fabric may fall off. Clear the smell, it is best to use white wine or white vinegar to thoroughly clean. After washing the shoes, hit a pot of warm water, put a small amount of white vinegar, put the shoes inside soak for half an hour. Usually, you can also sprinkle some of the white wine. Because the volatile liquor strong, volatile when the smell of sports shoes can also be taken away. Cleaning the sneakers, to avoid direct sunlight, white sneakers can be wrapped in toilet paper. The best way is to put the sneakers on the ventilated discount nike shoes place to dry, dry, apply to the upper enough amount of care ointment to protect the upper. Daily maintenance: shoes body pat light powder, keep the upper fairness, play the role of anti-fouling, puff gently with a puff layer of cool powder in the light canvas shoes or casual shoes, the formation of a layer of protection on the surface of the shoes Film, shoes stained with dust or mud and other dirt, it will be attached to the body powder body, will not be directly exposed to the shoes of the upper. Followed by a step on the design, do not worry about grinding the foot of the problem, followed nike air max women by scrambled chicken soft Kazakhstan, and is two to wear the Kazakhstan ~ can also be brought up to wear, you can also wear this step is mainly to wear the main wear, Small gap is not big, like this feeling comfortable and comfortable ~ material fried chicken fried chicken soft!