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Do not always buy shoes? The most important thing to ignore

Now a lot of shoes designed to be very thin, is to wear looks beautiful, but this is the biggest damage to the feet. Wear a day of such shoes, feet a night to recover. It is best to choose the shoes from 3 pm to 6 pm, because the foot at this time will be slightly inflated, if the size of the selected time do not feel small, other days of the day wearing no problem. Standing to try, because standing when the feet will be slightly larger than sitting. Try not only wear into the mirror to look at what to buy, be sure to walk back and forth a few steps, carefully feel the stability of the shoe and the size is appropriate. Feet with different seasons will have thermal expansion and contraction, so in the winter to buy summer shoes when you try the appropriate size with the summer may be slightly smaller than that. Inside and outside the skin, style is also beautiful, soles super comfortable, thick and not bloated, soles slightly focus, wearing a high, and soles are very flexible, wearing a particularly comfortable. Shoes style is popular this year, with the right is not tired, with a diamond shoes look very grade, 5 cm height walking is comfortable, with the shoes look very high grade Oh! Very simple a sports shoes, comfortable shock, the feet are very comfortable, the overall smooth design more highlights the foot of the curve, very light, not grinding feet, high permeability, the overall is very comfortable models. Still very wild, daily or leisure nike running shoes can be ~

Shoes wear nike air max comfortable and convenient, wild and stylish, shallow mouth of the shoes look good, the feet are still very thin section, daily wild nike shoes on sale models, flat shoes how to wear are not tired, full of comfort!