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Abnormal look abandoned girls wear, how many of you?

High heels is simply an adult standard for each girl, ah, a pair of high heels, beautiful and mature, and good with high heels, the overall temperament can improve several times, but the following pairs of shoes are not so good-looking Oh. Super thick soles shoes super thick soles shoes in the past few years is very popular, but the disadvantage is that this shoe is really not so good-looking. And a little rustic, he did not white shoes that simple beauty, white shoes will be better to wear. Thick platform white rosewood shoes, the color of this shoe can be said is very good-looking, but this shoe will be better with, like jeans or skirts are with a very nice look. Version and material are very good a small white shoes, will be very comfortable to wear, it is suitable for girls with pants or skirts, a little bit of youthful Sentimental, very nice! Hate, high shoes small girl best not to want to wear hate high or high waterproof platform shoes to increase, so the effect is often counterproductive, if you want to be high, stilettos will be a very Suitable shoes Oh. Nude color pointed fine with high heels, this shoe can be said to be very feminine intellectual, stiletto shoes particularly temperament, with pants or skirts are very nice. Straps shoes, whether in winter or summer, many girls are wearing, straps shoes sometimes really beautiful, but if the straps too complicated, but lebron 14 that beauty will disappear, so pick nike factory outlet the shoes to be careful ah. Stiletto high heels followed by straps, the strap nike shox clearance of this shoe just right, not much just a little, slightly a little elegant atmosphere, wear it will certainly be very temperament. Fine with pointed high-heeled lace new nike shoes shoes, the shoes of the tape is silk, especially the beauty, very beautiful a shoe, very suitable for party wear, it will be the focus of Oh. Fish head thick heel, the front design of this shoe is really bad, not so good to wear, in fact, Baotou high heels will look better than her, so fairies try not to wear this shoe Oh. Retro square strap shoes, this shoe looks very temperament as a whole, it is suitable for small chivalrous women to wear ah, really cute and stylish is also particularly good match.