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  • Beautiful people are wearing three pairs of sandals, do not wear the summer on the friends

    To say that in addition to bags and lipstick, what can make the girls crazy for that it must be shoes. Whether it is high heels, flat shoes, sneakers or slippers, there are always some models so that the girls can never take care of their own care to the wallet of the hand, must immediately take them home! Popular, the cat is actually only heel height of 3-5 cm, those small pointed with a single shoes, sandals is not a kitten tiptoe exquisite sense of it? This height will not be tired feet, comfortable service can cheap nike running shoes let you grow a few centimeters long. Cat with sandals we can see the feet of many stars up to the tip of the toe and exposing the instep will have a sense of extension of the legs long, heel is not high but very delicate, not too much on the feet of temperament Oh! And this summer exposed heel pointed sandals really do not too fire, cool but elegant yet, whether it is with a skirt or pants are no sense of violation, with nike sale a strong French style.

    Pure white soles reveals a simple temperament, but the golden heel betrayed your inner fiery. Followed by just a thin trip with, tight design do not worry about walking will fall off, very intimate. Tie the shoes of the charming we will never finish, or how it will be from the spring until the summer is also so much to do it? No matter when and where, intimate to help with sandals can always add to you charming feminine, thin strap wrapped around the ankle, nike air max clearly revealing the slightest tic sexy. Simple style, with a few thin straps to complete with, but the beautiful lines and solid texture, comfortable wearing experience, is definitely the biggest highlight of this pair of shoes. Slender girl for thin straps, relatively fleshy body, then more suitable for some thicker straps or thicker legs and thin bands contrast is too strong, but it will be fat it. Soft fit on the feet, wooden heels greatly reduce the overall weight of the shoes, and wood-specific texture clear and orderly, and comfortable leather strap together with this pair of shoes highlight the impressive texture. The word with a sandals can be said that hot spots in the hot, simple design wild and good-looking, and even have a small black sandals skirt title. No matter how the trend of cheap nike air max fashion changes, the word with sandals will always be there, this year through the heat out of tomorrow is still not weakened.

    2017-06-23 11:26:39
  • Summer fresh, fisherman shoes with you

    What shoes to say the most summer charm? Casual yet funky fisherman shoes is definitely the first choice. Seemingly simple and with it, but full of fashion magic, you can meet a nike shoes men variety of styles with your summer to add some unique colors. Others lead the word buckle shoes trend, it does not matter, we can lead the trend of fisherman shoes, and fisherman shoes more sexy and charming. Basic style, suit save with other clothes, and a set together to buy lovely and sexy, design sense revealed in every detail inside. Fisherman shoes and wild suit with a particularly good, add nike sale a lot of retro atmosphere, and red suit, can make you the focus of the audience. Thick shoes have a good advantage, that is, do not have to worry about the issue of grinding feet, linen straw is particularly comfortable, both attractive and sweet and lovely.

    Original skirt, with a unique sense of the atmosphere Oh, long skirt design, especially modified leg sense of the curve, but also nike free 5.0 in the walk is full of elegant beauty. Light cooked little girl wind, this year is very popular retro bag, bag style design is also very good, lovely appearance, back to go back is particularly high. Combined with the strap design fisherman shoes are also very popular, but also added some soft feeling. Casual T-shirt, the use of high-quality fabrics, wash is not easy to deformation, the classic embroidery, so that clothes look very delicate, feel good cotton fabric, upper body comfortable, breathable.

    Cowboy A word design skirt, upper body is very thin after the Oh, package hip version of the design, create a graceful curve, full of thick feminine, button design, particularly convenient nature. Simple and neat shoulder bag, no matter what style can easily hold live, for the concave shape and health, this bag allows you to bloom at any time charming charm. Cross strap sandals, pastoral style shoes, more tuned a, retro style with the style, go out with travel it, wearing a hat is very nike outlet online feel. Not all girls like the word buckle high heels, more like fisherman shoes that kind of handmade straw shoes, so follow their own heart, do the most beautiful of their own.

    2017-06-22 11:16:23
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