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  • Little white shoes outdated rotten street? But you still wear it

    Small white shoes in the first two years swept the world, the stars up to people are wearing small white shoes to attend the cheap nike shoes major occasions. But now the white shoes become rotten street, so some people say it is out of date ~ but the mouth said do not, the body is very honest ah. Or see a lot of people wearing a small white shoes swagger across the city ah ~ out of date? But also early ~ small white shoes is another big advantage is easy to show significantly young and vigorous, a lot of easy to show old clothes, take small white shoes will be able to glow a new life. Small white shoes can easily resolve the sense of a sense of clothes, it is more suitable for everyday. To participate in Party, the annual meeting of the small skirt, wear a day during the grand, for a pair nike shoes sale of small white shoes on it. The reason why the small white shoes is not reduced, because the small white shoes in the match is simply omnipotent, can be described as no! Have! ban! avoid!

    Full of strong spring flavor of a single product, in addition to windbreaker, there are unruly cowboy shirt, mix soft folks, with this group of CP ushered in the second spring of the men's bar ~ with small white shoes really youth invincible it ~ fresh arts Of the small white shoes with convenient, comfortable and soft on the feet comfortable, with skirts casual jeans are good ~ classic canvas shoes shoes, wild little expert Oh ~ classic music shoes small white shoes, spring and summer essential artifact ah ~ Face design is very breathable, summer is not afraid of boring friends ~ with nine points pants and T-shirt, reckless nature Oh ~

    Pure white T-shirt always gives a clean and pure feeling ~ This white T collar is a very dazzling design, V collar with a small collar, unique personality. With a pair of denim shorts, nike store coupled with another summer in the summer, small white nike shoes shoes matching, simple and generous, but not fashionable ~ short legs girl most suitable for this lower body missing wearing a law, and will not show a short, shirt Skirt is also rescued lazy carnival people wear difficult old helper, do not bother and decent fashion, work dating can wear. With a small white shoes, simple and generous, and with the shirt skirt with the sex is also very match, do not know what to wear, put on this set, absolutely not wrong Oh ~

    Simple atmosphere of a shirt skirt, loose version of the design does not pick the body, at any time can enhance your elegant fashion temperament ~ with a simple black big bag, generous with sex, small white shoes blessing, simple yet style ~ seven Legs than the nine points wide leg pants more legs do not say, tall and thin can be comfortable to wear, large legs walking chic with wind, with a small white shoes, to create elegant and capable attitude. Thick white shoes have increased the effect, simple yet style. With seven points wide leg legs is the effect of the proportion of elongated body ~ very rate of nature Oh ~ high waist wide leg pants, fresh atmosphere, modified leg was significantly tall ~ lotus leaf design Xianqi elegant, elegant with Sex, with a small white shoes is capable of unlimited vitality

    2017-04-28 11:02:52
  • Shoes smelly stains? 3 small coup to help you solve!

    A lot of treasure always said that wearing shoes to wear more feet will be smelly and wear a long time the stains on the shoes will be washed away. In fact, grasp the life of a few tips to ensure that the baby's shoes for a long time or as new, and no smell and stains yo ~ general small white shoes and sports shoes or white other shoes, after wearing, join Some baking soda, and then dry on the night, the upper will become very clean and tidy, and the day before wearing the smell of the day also will be removed, so it will be very easy to use baking soda clean shoes ~ actually Shoes, the most dirty and most difficult to clean the seat is not the upper part, but the soles of the site, new nike shoes there are many stubborn stains will be hidden in the soles of the ditch there is no way to remove, want to remove and very troublesome, which requires us to brush your teeth With the toothpaste, squeeze some toothpaste in the soles, brush a brush, shoes will be restored as new ~

    When the flu comes, the home will often smoked vinegar to prevent the cold. In fact, vinegar there are other powerful effect, the shoes have stubborn smell, you can try to vinegar in the water, the shoes soak for some time, and then fish out after drying, stubborn smell will follow Drift, is not it very strong ~ clean shoes and remove the smell of small skills? Fast at home experiment it ~ absolutely let the baby's shoes fragrant recovery such as the new ~ suede square shoes very atmospheric, bow design is very pink and lovely, square head design than the pointed shoes more comfortable feet , Rough with not too tired feet, very suitable for everyday wear a small skirt to match, very fairy it ~ suede material is also very good da da ~

    The tail of the shoe in order to prevent the grinding foot to do the anti-wear foot treatment, very intimate it ~ and this shoe design of the shoe is more unique, metal buckle with color design is very Western style, this year's popular style, Student party or just work shoes are handmade, the upper comfortable and soft, small square root is also more convenient to walk, shopping or work can be worn, with fishtail dress is particularly ladies, trousers can also match , This shoe type, but the shoe is an indispensable style it ~

    Recently scraped a retro style of this shoe is very good nike sneakers retro and then joined the modern metal nike outlet store elements, very stylish Western style, flat design is casual and comfortable. With the generous design is very consistent with the current trend of young people, skirt pants can be used ~ Sen Department of shoes are generally more suitable nike outlet for small girls will be more exquisite and small. Coupled with a pair of small pile of socks, very much like a shuttle in the forest of the same elf it ~ this pair of Mary Jane's Sen Department of shoes is not how to pick tall, tall baby can also try, very nice

    2017-04-27 11:06:05
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