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  • Few fat girls take the shoes also pay attention to, legs nike discount store are obviously high on it

    In the winter season, this bears their own bears, little fat sister who is certainly more worried about their wear is fat. In fact, there are many reasons for the younger sister who was dressed in fat is not in the upper body, but in the underwear, including wearing shoes, there is a deviation, it led to the overall significant fat. But do not worry, it's nike free the perfect compliment to mastering the lower body wearing tips. The next three points to wear take advice, hoping to give you a little fat little fairies bring the gospel, so that you even in the cold winter, but also sexy and attractive, prominent legs tall is not called children. A pair of appropriate and modified foot shape, convergence of the ankle shoes is absolutely superior leg of the winning magic. Feet of shoes do not have too many pendants to appear more slender feet. If there is 3 to 5 cm of the sole thickness, but also the perfect stretch leg type, so that the legs were fine for several centimeters, there will be no visual sense of walking on stilts! Fashion stitching vamp car suture connection, full of fashion sense. Comfortable 4cm wedge heel design in line nike free 5.0 with the principles of human body, take the longer road are not afraid of uncomfortable. Sporty platform design is not only high, but also rich and fashionable casual atmosphere. Breathable pigskin inside do not have to worry about cover their feet. The overall design of the overall atmosphere of modern rich, bumpy design with elastic contraction on both sides of the body so that the easy to wear off at the same time also be able to significantly smaller foot. The soft soles with on the inside of the fluff, 4cm heel to walk light and comfortable, sub-minute big leg of both vision.

    The proportion of the upper and lower clothing to wear is very important, what kind of clothes should be accompanied by what kind of pants, if the random mix will make the whole fat and was significantly shorter. Relatively speaking, black wide-leg pants with high heels, high-waisted skirts, woolen coat with leggings with these kinds of methods, no matter what can be significant thin legs, high body proportions. Outer wear tight pants with ultra-high elasticity, it can wear stylish fashion it is thin, with a simple design of the interpretation of the urban outfit trend. High elastic it no pressure regardless of squat jump, high rebound effect while flesh and more lean. Knocking blackboard key points, in the case of the same waist position, the skirt length below the knee, the longer the skirt appears lower slender, but also significantly higher. It is worth mentioning that the length of the pants, in fact, and "the length of the skirt affect the proportion of body" principle is the same oh. Knitted and velvet pleated skirt fabric comfortable, slim was thin. Good fabric brings a touch of soft skin, elegant collar collar design to shorten the shortcomings of Asians neck to enhance and enhance the temperament. Hit color white stripes cuffs stylish design, neat and nike free run simple cut also revealed a full hem fashion sense.

    2017-12-12 10:12:43
  • Why modern men do not wear boots?

    As the times change, many things have sunk. In fact, as early as the past 80-90 boys wear boots. Europe, there are men's boots 20cm above the knee, is a senior officer's costumes, but also all men-only Oh. If men like to wear boots, wear boots will feel very cool handsome? Then the question is: 80-90s men wear boots, why not now? Why modern men do not wear boots Although the design of the boots was originally built for men. Boots, boots, these were very useful at the time. But now, many men's clothing has become the mainstream of women, such as high heels, jeans, and even men's suits have women's models. At that time, officers, put on boots, put on black gloves, coupled with the leather coat, upper body full military Jagged demeanor! However, as the current mainstream, men in the public are not suitable for men through the knee boots, it touches some hidden places to wear fun. After all, it does not take a few hours to dress up or go out of those girls Well, men are more casual and casual, belong to that kind of man we go away.

    Has good comfort, warm and breathable, absorbent, odor-proof, not only to maintain the constant cheap nike basketball shoes temperature of 28 shoes, but also nike air max women to protect the comfort and health of your feet, allowing you to enjoy the charm of winter snow. In fact, fashion collocation inside, the clothes can not wear can not wear, only look good look good. As long as the men on the street wear knee boots, it became popular. Selection of first layer of leather, comfortable breathable, strong texture, clean leather, exquisite delicate version of the style of the times highlight the artistic charm. Boots can stretch the height of the visual, highlighting the characteristics of the legs lines (especially high-heeled boots), boots are popular and called the mainstream. Long boots can cover some of the shortcomings of the female calf Coarse boots are kind of things to enhance the nike trainers aura, especially men, wear will appear to be cheap nike shoes "Queen" is a gas field very "sharp" dress. If the upper body can not wear "sharp" effect, it is best not to wear this kind of boots. Now the fashion take the soft mainstream, so bad with. But with some European military uniforms in the 80s and 90s, there is nothing wrong with it. The mid-size of the soles of the diamond, groove design, so that the soles of the feet landing, the formation of air in the groove upward flow, produce powerful functions, play a stronger cushioning

    2017-12-07 10:11:20
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