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  • Tip VS square head, to enhance the sense of shape good shoes you wear it

    Shoes do not fit only their own know, but the shoes are good-looking but we can see. People Well, always very contradictory, both want to wear out their own personality, but also could not help but inquire about the popular trend. Pointed shoes square shoes, seasonal shoes can enhance the sense of shape, you wear it? To say that the most popular this year, that non-pointed thick shoes must go, I do not know why is how to see how pleasing to the eye. Bright cheap nike sneakers color has not let people feel awkward, after all, this season will never be prejudiced against any color, the most wonderful is hollow design, so that the United States shoes more retro charm. Speaking of feminine or pointed high heels most tricky, not to say that other styles are not enough feminine, but if you want to go to the big occasion, it must be the most pointed high heels can live in the field. Pointed plus lace will lengthen the lines of the nike sale feet, the formation of the lines of the line modification, to achieve slim visual effects. Want to make their nike sale own feminine more and more strong, in addition to the accumulation of temperament from the primary school dance practice, but also must learn to wear high heels. A pair of good high heels will make you unconsciously in the trip when the rise of the chest, unknowingly on the United States into a flower.

    Thick with high heels, in addition to increase the proportion of height, safe is its greatest personality. This is between the tip and the square head between the middle of the strength, thick with thick waterproof platform, walking more easily, relative to the tip of the thin heels, this shoe temperament more leisurely. Wine Red Army green is the most popular colors in recent years, and successfully captured a class of shoes, as a must wear goods. Suede shoes, the pursuit of the feeling of spring, hollow wave edge can be modified out of the feet, accidentally become a bright spot to wear. Take a look at this year's popular square shoes, perhaps it can better release the feet, enough space to the toes. Full of glossy leather, bright publicity, flowers embellishment shoes loop has a small nike air max feminine, and spring and summer is the details of the overall consideration for the overall shape plus points.

    Suitable for office workers for the student party, a young and old take all the way down to kill the wild models, Moreover, there are tassels embellishment and will not feel old-fashioned or monotonous. The most important is the integration of the most popular this year's square head, heel is not so high, relatively comfortable and wild are improved a lot. Full of feminine shoes must have a feminine color, to enhance the sense of shape shoes must own a sense of shape. Suede and leather stitching so that two fabrics for a color and run their own character. Flat shoes of the world may be so change Oh

    2017-10-16 10:16:22
  • Lazy do not want to work, for a pair of boots a little happy

    But also a year of boots season, to say that I most beloved shoes, of course, is the boots, because ... because I am short, boots can not only from the visual slender legs, but also create a cool Feel, like the European and American wind but not enough friends, this few women boots you worth having! nike clearance store In the fashion world, black is the most basic and most commonly used but also the most classic color. This black Martin boots with rubber base, absolutely non-slip. Turn the hair plus round the toe these elements filled with thick British punk wind, remember the junior high school favorite skateboard girl Avril children do, with it, windbreaker, motorcycle leather, woolen coat, down jacket these jackets with you. Girl's shoe has been missing a pair of beautiful knee boots, whether it is with jeans black nike shoes or skirts are full of gas field, showing the charm of long legs! It is wrapped in the delicate legs, comfortable, compact, skin-friendly, virtually elongated leg type, Slim was thin. When you pull the shoe do not know what to wear shoes, choose it! Winter wild holy goods, put it to express your fashion attitude. Through the knee boots, do their goddess ~

    Advocating retro low-key you, how can you miss this Chelsea Martin boots? Black boots, always people have a love at first sight of the ability. Small arrow design and small elastic side is the biggest feature of Chelsea women's shoes, reflecting the elegance of women, if you feel too knee casual boots, more suitable for taking pictures, shopping, that Chelsea boots is more suitable for work, with suits naturally , The workplace strong woman must! Want to be a cool little fairy, to meet the upcoming winter, then this pair of European and American locomotive boots you must enter. Do not look at it cold shape, can be very hot heart, which thick enough to meet your winter plush demand, winter is the best partner coat, and nike factory outlet the couple models Oh, male and female friends a pair, walking in the street Although the snow boots have been known as ugly ugly shoes, but the ugly shoes also have to turn the day, in the winter fashion street shot into the highest frequency is the snow boots, and very high comfort Degree by the more and more fashion bloggers favor, simple design, fur one combination, which two shoes can be more cold than it warm it? Not the same shoes, in order to go the same way. Look good and not fall into the cliche, is what nike shox we pursue. This double eleven, do not buy buy? Put on different styles of shoes, show different you ~

    2017-10-11 10:22:57
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