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  • Woman's secret weapon ~ ~ armed your beauty!

    ?If you are a fashion advocate, if you are a life lovers, if you are a taste of elegance, if you are an art advocate, if you are a very creative person , Please enter this fascinating high-heeled temple it, it wrote the women's longing and pursuit of high heels. In fact, women can find ten thousand love high heels reasons, but ten thousand reasons is nothing more than a reason: high heels so that women are more women. In the process of human evolution and development, the feet play a decisive role in determining whether people can walk upright, and has a beautiful gait. And the woman is clearly familiar with this, do enough foot article, which is men can not match. Woman's maturity is from the beginning to wear high heels; women's nike air max sale fashion is also starting from the feet, precisely, from the beginning to wear high heels. So, if the world is the most representative of what a woman, it should be a high heels. Women's feelings for high heels, that ordinary point is favorite, serious point is obsessed with. I am afraid most of the girls have had children when stealing mother, or her high heels experience. That kind of excitement, that sudden feeling of mature, that kind of adults look like, so enchanting behavior and expression, but also clearly imprinted in the depths of every woman's memory, high heels since then the temptation of girls in the young The roots of the root. And girls become a mature woman, often from the day of wearing high heels.

    High heels is a symbol of women, nike sale a woman is a direct source of superiority, it will make a humble woman stand out. Once a woman wearing high heels, all the sexy, charismatic, self-confidence, will be excited in a moment out, that swaying, that stare freely, that when the wind when the peerless, that frown, , All in the interpretation of high heels, high heels so that women feel up, smooth up, so that women get rid of mediocrity, so that every day lovely, so high heels like a romantic cheap nike basketball shoes string, playing a wonderful life music. So, some people say, as long as the increase of two, three inches of height, to shorten the distance between women and heaven. This is not difficult to understand why women are obsessed with high heels, even in front of it at the expense of self. Because every woman has a dream in mind: let the eyes of the world are attracted to her, as well as her feet under the noble temperament set off high heels. And women love high heels, often with the pursuit of love linked together. Women see the beautiful shoes, will always feel that their shoes in a pair lebron 13 of fashionable high-heeled high heels. For high heels, women have a very private favorite, there are not satisfied with the pursuit, like a woman's love for the dedication. Listen to a woman said, a friend asked her: whether one day because of a pair of high heels, and entrusted himself in a man? She replied: Yes. A man gave her shoes like to prove that he wanted her to have the best beauty in the world; cherish the beautiful high heels, such as cherish the beautiful love, like having incomparable happiness.

    2017-07-21 10:53:22
  • Cock silk how to maintain shoes?

    Men are not as good as women love clean, so some of the more sloppy male friends, although wearing high-grade shoes, still can not show the taste to. Diaoqi, peeling, upper dirt enough to make your affectionate section of the female friends of your appetite. So, in order to face the problem, male friends may wish to learn some shoes maintenance. 1. shoes bought, the plastic soles can be replaced by leather or rubber bottom, not only can slip, but also increase the life of the shoes.

    2. New shoes and not coated with shoe polish, in order to protect the new shoes, wear must first coated with shoe polish, polished, and sprayed with water mist. The above two steps to do and do not, nike trainers and the aging of the shoes, the relationship between the speed is very large. Newly bought shoes, if you wear a layer of shoe polish before wearing, you can keep it long and smooth, and after a rub on the light.

    3. Weekdays careful wear, shoes is the first step in maintenance. The shoes are damaged more from the heel. Therefore, nike air max Dongguan men's casual shoes can be more use shoes shoes. Wear shoes should first release the shoelace and then use the shoe pull.

    4. to prevent the deformation of shoes, stuffed shoes last effect. Foot shape, walking, body temperature and moisture, rain and other factors nike shox clearance will lead to shoes aliasing, especially when the sweat or rain, be sure to use shoes last child fixed shoe shape.

    5. shoes and people need to rest, do not wear the same pair of shoes every day to work, it is recommended to prepare at least two or three pairs of shoes to replace.

    6. When you nike sale go out, put your shoes in a shoe bag or wrap your shoes with a soft cloth.

    2017-07-20 11:06:59
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